Mingle, LLC Announces the Private Launch of Winebattles.com

Mingle, LLC is excited to announce the private launch of their digital battleground, Winebattles.com!

Perfect for budding oenophiles, the site offers a one-of-a-kind experience that marries the complexities of wine with the thrill of a tournament-style competition.

Every 4 to 8-week battle showcases a careful selection of naturally contrasting wines. Prior to the start of the event, registered battlers across the country receive shipments of the competing wines, along with a complete set of instructions and entertaining rating cards to guide them (and a battle-buddy) through the weekly tastings.  Then, each week, two of the wines go head to head in an epic skirmish, and the battleground is opened for voting.

Swirling and sipping, participants explore the notes and nuances of the vintages, gain a deeper understanding of their own personal tastes, and ultimately, decide which wine deserves to move on to the next round and which will be nixed from the competition.

The launch is currently restricted to select states. For all media inquiries please email Jaime Collins at jaimec@winebattles.com.

About the company:

Winebattles.com is a subsidiary of Mingle, LLC, a San Diego based technology firm that owns and operates software service web properties including Climber.com, Affinity Circles, Inc.  and Leadli.com.  The company focuses on software solutions that enhance social interactions.

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