About Our Properties

Climber.com adds more than 100,000 members each month to its active database of 2.1mm professionals. Ninety percent of them earn more than $60,000 and have a four year college degree. Climber.com maintains a Recruiter Database of more that 400,000 professionals which its members can contact directly through email, LinkedIn and sent resume syndication.

Climber.com was named the 4th fastest growing technology company in the United States by Technology 200.

Affinity Circles began in 2002 as a way for Stanford University students to stay in touch with their friends and colleagues. What quickly developed was the Web’s first private and completely secure online social network.

Realizing the application’s dual utility as a powerful networking solution, the original Affinity Circles founders soon decided to shop their trusted application around. In 2003 they began marketing it to other alumni associations and organizations. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and a string of engaging, member-based online communities were soon created.

Today Affinity Circles remains committed to creating trusted social networks, and to attracting top visionary talent. Such talent has helped them achieve the continued rapid growth of their customer base and the introduction of numerous groundbreaking features and services.

Climber Catalyst is the only Social Recruiting Platform that combines SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Automated Social Media Syndication with a Resume Database. Independent Recruitment Firms and Fortune 500 alike use Climber Catalyst to engage targeted $60K mid-level professionals.

Leadli.com is an Enterprise Level Social Application Builder & Syndication Manager. Effortlessly create social media applications on facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter without your tech department. Leadli Increases customer referrals 300%, socially extends your employment and corporate brands and manages information syndication through social media.

SearchForJobs.com is a Web 2.0 Vertical Job Search Board. Sourcing jobs from job boards and direct employers provides users with an all in one place experience. Search Engine Optimization enables SearchForJobs to provide its partners with high quality job traffic.